The Gilman Brothers Company

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    The Gilman Brothers Company is one of North America’s premier manufacturers of foamboard products for signage, display and graphics and has been instrumental in developing and bringing to market innovative products for all direct printing applications. Our full line of foam boards is depended upon by graphic arts professionals to create merchandising signage as well as POP displays, props, and exhibits.


    INFINITY® is a clean, recyclable, 100% styrene foamboard with 2.5x more density, 22% less weight and 3D cold bend capability.

    INFINITY® features a super-smooth styrene surface eliminating pre-production cleaning and preparation which increases printing speed and efficiency.

  • Insite® Reveal®

    Insite® Reveal® features smooth, bright white paper manufactured with a moisture resistant clay-coating for superior ink coverage and exceptional color gloss. For mounting applications, the coating also acts as a barrier that minimizes adhesive absorption while maximizing mounting and laminating speeds when using a roll laminator.

  • MountCor®

    MountCor® offers the lowest bonding temperature of any heat activated board available. Its specially formulated neutral pH adhesive is stable, inert and has revolutionized the industry with its dependable 130°F (54°C) low temperature/short dwell bond time in mount presses.


    EAGLECELL™ is a recyclable, all-paper honeycomb graphics board with triple-thick bright white clay coated liners manufactured with 100% fully recyclable paper core and surface papers.