MountCor® is a new high-tech addition to our heat activated product line. This low temperature, heat activated foamboard features a patented, pH neutral, permanent adhesive that bonds in mechanical and hot vacuum presses at 130°F and roll laminator at 260°F, making it ideal for custom picture framing, production operations, sign or display mounting.

Permanent adhesion is achieved in 30 seconds in a mechanical or vacuum press (after draw), or in a roll laminator at speeds up to 10 feet per minute with no adhesive transfer to the heated rolls! MountCor® is engineered for mounting heat sensitive digital prints or hard to mount materials including toner copies, color laser prints, all inkjet–waterborne, solvent, UV and latex–prints, resin coated and digital photographs, all coated papers, posters, synthetic papers, polyester encapsulated maps and charts, and much more.

MountCor® incorporates a unique air release technology that ensures bubble-free mounting because MountCor® does not rely on textured adhesive patterns for air flow. MountCor® gives you the performance you need with complete confidence by permanently bonding in a single step to the widest range of materials available anywhere, at the lowest temperature, fast, saving both time and money!

MountCor® is engineered so that there can never be a texture or pattern transferred from the applied adhesive–whether heat or pressure–to the surface of the print, therefore delivering the most professional, smooth mount in the industry. MountCor® features a translucent, gridded, release liner which protects the adhesive during storage and may be used for quick print positioning prior to mounting. There is also no fear of adhesive transfer to roll laminators from exposed adhesive. MountCor® is also the only low temperature HA board that may be used for mounting multiple bites in a mechanical press because it is the only one with a permanent adhesive.

Available in original MountCor® White and MountCor® Black; 3/16″ thick; with sizes ranging from 24″ x 36″ to 48″ x 96″.

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MountCor® Canvas has been developed as the solution for mounting of digital images printed to canvas for long term display without the need for stretching over bars. This will save time and money, increasing productivity and sales potential.

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