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SGIA 2017

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GlobalShop 2015 and SGIA 2015

Gilman Brothers’ INFINITY® Booth was 100% Recyclable, 100% USA Manufactured, using 100% USA raw materials.

INFINITY®'s cold-bending capability meant all fixtures could be shipped flat and assembled on site, from our "stonework" desk to our "wooden" beam trellis.

Whether a 3D counter top sign, POP display or in-store signage there is no limit to what INFINITY® can do for you!

GlobalShop 2016

The Gilman Brothers Company rocked the house at GlobalShop 2016 in Las Vegas with our new 80s Rock & Roll booth made entirely of INFINITY®.

EVERYTHING at our booth, from our fantastic Gilman tour bus and backstage graffitied brick wall, to the crazy guitars, to the stage rigging, amplifiers, snare drums, and dozens of bricks, was made entirely from our printable, cold-bendable, 100% green and recyclable INFINITY®  styrene-faced foamboard.

SGIA 2016

Our booth at SGIA featured many exciting new applications for INFINITY® & EAGLECELL™.

  • Magnetic applications
  • Lightbox applications
  • 3D Bendabilty for POP applications

Can you believe we built a truck out of INFINITY®? Take a look!

GlobalShop 2017

INFINITY® and EAGLECELL™ were combined in create the components of this tropical island paradise.

EAGLECELL™ formed the trunks and stems of our towering palm trees while overhead, INFINITY®’s bendability gave realism to our palm leaves.

INFINITY®’s clean cutability gave our amazing sharks their sleek shape.  Inside the shark tank, EAGLECELL™'s clay-coated printing surface made the undersea colors come to life.

EAGLECELL™ structural strength came into play with our podium and palm tree base.

Gilman Brother's booth at SGIA 2017 in Atlanta.


Built entirely from our INFINITY® styrene faced foamboard, EAGLECELL® all-paper graphics board, and our InSite® Canvas foamboard.

"SENSORY OVERLOAD" Gilman Brothers enjoys a reputation for evocative one-of-a-kind tradeshow booths built from and showcasing our popular rigid substrates. GlobalShop2018 in Chicago was no exception; booth visitors were mesmerized with “Sensory Overload”, a five-stop journey through the senses as interpreted through Gilman Brothers materials.