InSite® Canvas

Faux-Canvas Textured Foamboard

  • Bright-white embossed textured facers
  • Available 1-sided or 2-sided
  • Easily and cleanly v-cuts for ease of bending and for the creation of faux gallery wraps
  • Part of the ColorOne™ White Point Management System
  • Digital Printng and Screen Printing
  • Gallery wraps
  • Cut graphics
  • Decorative wall display
  • POP display
  • Exhibits


InSite® Canvas is a cost effective faux-canvas, extruded polystyrene core foamboard with bright-white embossed textured facers, available 1-sided or 2-sided. It features the same InSite® Reveal® proprietary foam center as all InSite® products and is ideal for digital printing, screen printing, point-of-purchase (POP) display, exhibits, cut graphics, flexible wrap designs. It easily and cleanly v-cuts for ease of bending and for the creation of faux gallery wraps for decorative wall display.

InSite® Canvas is also part of the exclusive Gilman Brothers ColorOne™ White Point Management System which ensures optimum printing performance and consistency while the canvas surface pattern adds depth to any direct digital print. ColorOne™ insures the core, liner materials and coatings have been carefully selected to derive consistent white balance and optimum surface properties for printing. ColorOne™ helps producers deliver better results for exhibit and display applications where more than one type of board may be employed, yet the imagery must be consistent across the entire project. This is particularly important when printing logos and identifiable company color schemes.

InSite® Canvas is available in both one-sided and two-sided textured faux-canvas in 3/16″ thickness in sizes range from 48″x 96″ to 60″x 120″.

GAUGES: 3/16″
Min: 48″x 96″
Max: 60” x 120”


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