InSite® Acid Free

Acid Free Foamboard

  • Complies with PAT Standards
  • Acid free paper facers
  • pH value ranging from 7.5-9.5
  • Highly warp resistant
  • Available in natural white
  • Preservation mounting and framing
  • Long-term display and storage
  • Fine art and photography


InSite® Acid Free foamboard was created for the high end requirements of preservation mounting and framing. Its extruded polystyrene foamboard has acid free paper facers and offers two mounting surfaces both free from damaging pollutants and harmful gasses. Our Reveal® foam center is engineered to be highly warp resistant and to retain its thickness during mounting. This product is a highly recommended solution for photographers and artists who require a backing that will help preserve their artwork for long term display or storage.

InSite® Acid Free is in compliance with PAT Standards. Our Acid Free liners offer a pH value ranging from 7.5-9.5 and are buffered with 3-5% calcium carbonate reserve to retain acid free characteristics longer. The liners are also 100% High Alpha Cellulose, virgin pulp free and post consumer materials.

InSite® Acid Free is offered in natural white. Standard thickness is 3/16″ and sizes range from 24″x 36″ to 48″x 96″.


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