InSite® Reveal® Colors

Colored Paper Faced Foamboard

InSite® Reveal® Colors are high quality, paper faced foamboard manufactured with Gilman Brothers proprietary Reveal® foam center engineered to retain its thickness. They offer the same predictability and quality as our original InSite® boards with fabulous colors that make InSite® Reveal® Color perfect for fabrication, digital printing, screen printing, digital and knife cutting, routing, die cutting and much more.

InSite® Reveal® Colors  is also a featured member of Gilman Brothers ColorOne™ White Point Management System. ColorOne™ guarantees liners and boards will maintain their color under incandescent, fluorescent or ultraviolet light and delivers optimum color balance and consistency throughout the full line of Gilman Brothers white graphic boards. Surface liner materials and coatings have been carefully selected to derive consistent white balance and optimum surface properties for printing, truly making the printed colors accurate when exact match of logos is vital.


Min: 1/8”
Max: 1/2”
Min: 24″x 36″
Max: 60” x 192”

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