InSite® Self Adhesive

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Foamboard

  • Available in High-Tack or Low-Tack
  • Cold pressure-sensitive adhesive surface
  • Use manually with a soft rubber roller or hard plastic squeegee, or in a cold vacuum frame or cold roller laminator
  • Available in white and black

InSite® Self Adhesive is an extruded polystyrene foamboard featuring the proprietary Reveal® memory foam center faced on one side with smooth, clay-coated paper and either Low-Tack (green liner) or High-Tack (black liner) cold pressure-sensitive adhesive surface on the other, covered by a protective release liner.

InSite® Self Adhesive Low-Tack has a repositionable adhesive allowing for multiple placement prior to bonding. Once desired alignment is achieved, finalize the bond by activating with a plastic squeegee or rubber roller; place in a cold vacuum frame; or feed through a cold roller laminator. If mounting manually and not using the aid of a roller, place the mounted print under weight during the first few hours while adhesive cures for best results.

InSite® Self Adhesive High-Tack is an aggressive adhesive that immediately grabs to smooth paper and photo media so correct placement the first time is essential. Once applied, manually burnish, place in cold vacuum frame, or feed through cold rollers–as above–to fully activate the adhesive.

Manual application is quick and easy with simple peel-and-stick use.

  • Remove protective release liner from sized board
  • Place liner between print and P-S board allowing a few inches to attach at top edge
  • Square to edge of board, and press to hold
  • Slip liner down P-S board while following to smooth and prevent trapped air
  • Once placed, cover with release liner and firmly adhere

self adhesive

InSite® SA Instructions.pdf


STANDARD COLORS: Black and White    
 GAUGE: 3/16”
Min: 24” x 36”
Max: 48” x 96”

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