MountCor® Canvas

Permanent HA Board for Printed Canvas

  • Low 130°F Temperature
  • Permanent Bond Adhesive
  • Gridded Liner for Alignment
  • Safe for ALL Digital Imagery

MountCor® Canvas is the first and only HA board developed specifically for mounting digitally printed canvases and fine art giclées that cannot be stretched. Its strong adhesive forms a permanent bond in either a mechanical or hot vacuum press as it reaches a low 130°F bonding temperature. Its revolutionary adhesive formula bonds all grades, weights, finishes and fiber content of digitally printed canvases with confidence, including:

  • 100% polyester, poly/cotton and cotton
  • 11 mil – 24 mil weight canvases
  • Coated, uncoated and metallic effect
  • Natural and synthetic fabrics

Although designed for bonding canvas and fabrics it also dynamically bonds:

  • Textured and embedded decorative papers
  • Heavy rough unpainted watercolor paper
  • Polyester encapsulated maps and charts
  • Tyvek, Yupo and other synthetic papers
  • All digital paper prints at 130F


Bond Cooler

MountCor® Canvas offers the lowest bonding temperature of any heat-activated board available. Its specially formulated permanent, neutral pH adhesive is stable, inert and bonds at temperatures of 130°F (54°C) revolutionizing the industry.

Work Efficiently

As with the entire MountCor family, each sheet of MountCor® Canvas has a translucent, gridded liner that makes positioning images easier than ever. The liner is used to protect the adhesive during storage and may also be used as a disposable release liner when mounting small canvases.

Air Release Technology

MountCor® Canvas offers the proven MountCor® special air release technology ensuring a completely bubble-free mount. Since MountCor® does not rely on a textured adhesive for air flow, it will never transfer any pattern to your finished work regardless of pressure. MountCor® gives you the performance you need with complete confidence, while saving both time and money.

Permanent Bond

The permanent bond allows MountCor® Canvas to be used when multiple bite mounting in any mechanical press, even digitally printed canvases. Remove the gridded liner and replace with a release board in a properly adjusted press. Vacuum presses love MountCor® Canvas. Any canvas will bond to full tear strength results at 130°F for 4 minutes with a single-sided sheet of release paper on top only. Never use a release board in the bottom of a vacuum press.

* * Longer dwell times will be required if a full release board is used rather than single-sided release paper. Never use a release board in the bottom of a vacuum press. For the MountCor Canvas Quick Mounting Guide, instructions and tips, please refer to the link below.

Min: 3/16”
Max: 3/16”
Min: 24” x 36”
Max: 48” x 96”


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MountCor® Sell Sheet.pdf

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