MountCor® 130°F Permanent HA Foamboard

  • Low 130°F Temperature 
  • Permanent Bond Adhesive
  • Safe for ALL Digital Imagery
  • Gridded Liner for Alignment
  • Available in White and Black


  • All digital printing
  • Toner copiers, laser, plotters
  • Water borne, solvent, UV and latex inkjet
  • Posters and prints
  • Resin coated and digital photo papers
  • Synthetic papers and substrates
  • Polyester encapsulated charts and maps


Permanent Bond

MountCor®‘s adhesive forms a strong, permanent bond in the press as it reaches its low 130°F bonding temperature making it safe to mount:

  • All digital printing
  • Toner copiers, laser, plotters
  • Water borne, solvent, UV and latex inkjet
  • Resin coated and digital photo papers
  • Posters and prints
  • Synthetic papers and substrates
  • Polyester encapsulated charts and maps

MountCor®‘s permanent bond also means no edge lift when removed from the press, no mess, and it is perfect for bonding using multiple bites in a mechanical press. No removable HA board offers that option.

Bond Cooler

MountCor® offers the lowest bonding temperature of any heat activated board available. Its specially formulated neutral pH adhesive is stable, inert and has revolutionized the industry with its dependable 130°F (54°C) low temperature/short dwell bond time in mount presses. MountCor aggressively mounts all porous papers, photographs, and previously heat sensitive digitals in dry mount presses or rollers. This makes it the perfect choice for both long term picture framing and short term sign/display mounting applications.

Work Efficiently

MountCor®‘s translucent, gridded release liner makes positioning images easier than ever. Each board comes with the disposable release liner to protect the adhesive during storage, which may also be used during mounting. The release liner helps keep your work safe, clean, and particle-free before, during, and after mounting. The adhesive remains non-tacky until activated by tacking iron, press or rollers. The permanent adhesive also prevents image separation resulting from shipping or storage at high or extended summer temperatures.

Smoother Is Better

MountCor®‘s special air release technology ensures a completely bubble-free mounting. Since MountCor does not rely on a textured adhesive for air flow, it will never transfer any pattern to your finished work regardless of pressure. MountCor gives you the performance you need with complete confidence, while saving both time and money.

STANDARD COLORS: Black, White; Canvas—White only

Min: 3/16”

Max: 3/16”



Min: 24” x 36”

Max: 48” x 96”



MountCor® Sell Sheet.pdf

MountCor® Instructions.pdf

MountCor® Canvas has been developed as the solution for mounting of digital images printed to canvas for long term display without the need for stretching over bars. This will save time and money, increasing productivity and sales potential.

MountCor® Canvas product page

MountCor® Canvas Sell Sheet.pdf

MountCor® Canvas Instructions.pdf

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