ColorOne™ White Point Management System, Changing the Graphics Industry One Board at a Time


The Gilman Brothers Company is pleased to introduce its new, ColorOne™ White Point Management System for direct printing applications. The ColorOne system ensures optimum printing performance and consistency across all Gilman Brothers board products of direct-printable foamboard and specialty graphics board by matching the surfaces of the board by their degree of whiteness. Surface liner materials and coatings have been carefully selected to derive consistent white balance and optimum surface properties for printing. ColorOne helps producers deliver better results for exhibit and display applications where more than one type of board may be employed, yet the imagery must be consistent across the entire project. This is particularly important when printing logos and identifiable company color schemes.

“We developed the ColorOne management program to give graphics producers the confidence to select any Gilman Brothers printable, white board knowing the printed image will always be consistent with optimum image quality and true color reproduction,” says company Vice President, Cyrus Gilman.

The ColorOne system has been applied to white surface boards from the company’s InSite® Reveal®, InSite® Canvas, Ryno Board® HD, INFINITY and Eaglecell™ product lines. Our foamboards and specialty graphics boards are designed for indoor applications and are compatible with UV inks.