MountCor® Permanent HA Board for Printed Textiles

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MountCor®  Canvas Info Sheet

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Heat Activated Board for Canvas

MountCor® Canvas is the first and only heat activated board developed specifically for mounting printed canvases, fine art giclées and fabric. Its strong adhesive forms a permanent bond in either mechanical or hot vacuum press at a low 130°F (54°C) bonding temperature.


Its revolutionary adhesive formula bonds all grades, weights, finishes and fiber content of canvases with confidence, including:



Also bonds:


Acid Free

MountCor® Canvas’s acid-free features are designed for long-term preservation and will last several hundred years under normal library and archive conditions.  MountCor®’s facing papers meet ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 (R2009) Standard for Performance of Paper for Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives.  MountCor®’s adhesive and foam center are pH neutral and inert.


Translucent Gridded Release Liner

MountCor® Canvas's translucent, gridded release liner makes positioning images easier than ever. Each board comes with the a release liner to protect the adhesive during storage, which may also be used during mounting.  MountCor® ’s release liner eliminates the need for release boards (except in multiple bites)

The release liner helps keep your work safe, clean, and particle-free before, during, and after mounting.  The permanent adhesive stays bonded during shipping or storage at high or extended summer temperatures.  Unused trim from oversized boards placed in press is reusable.


Smoother Surface

MountCor® Canvas's smooth precision coating and special air release technology completely eliminate air entrapment. Since MountCor® Canvas does not rely on a textured adhesive for air flow, it will never transfer any pattern to your finished artwork regardless of pressure. MountCor® Canvas gives you the performance you need with complete confidence, while saving both time and money. Available in white, 3/16" thick with standard sizes ranging from 24"x36" to 48"x96".


Vacuum presses love MountCor® Canvas. Any canvas will bond to full tear strength results at 130°F (54°C) for 4 minutes with a single-sided sheet of release paper on top only.





MountCor® Canvas is the first and only HA board developed specifically for mounting digitally printed canvases and fine art giclées that cannot be stretched.



Min: 3/16”

Max: 3/16”


Min: 24” x 36”

Max: 48” x 96”