Camille Picatello

I have worked for The Gilman Brothers Company since 2006. A few years later the Management Team decided to implement a change we titled “Changing from the Insite Out” Management sent out a survey and asked us all how we could improve as a Company. To me this shows that they care, and that we are all family here. This is the type of company I work for; where our summer and holiday parties are family orientated. When a company cares about it’s employees you know they care about their customers and vendors just as much. I really love my job here and feel blessed to have the opportunity to work for such a forward thinking company.

We are always trying to improve our products and give our customer exactly what they want; even what they didn’t know they needed. We are constantly reinventing ourselves to meet the needs of not only our internal teams, but also the needs of our customers and vendors small and large.

Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.