Chris A Paschke

“As the framing industry mounting expert I’m always a bit skeptical when new HA boards hit the market. Gilman MountCor is one-of-a-kind and has enormous benefits for framers not previously offered by any other industry heat activated products.

It bonds at a truly low temperature which activates at 130°F (60°C) in a mechanical or hardbed press. Its permanent adhesive bonds in the press at it reaches fusion temperature and at 130°F is low enough to safely dry mount ALL digital imagery from toner color copies to solvent inkjet.

Just another “low temp” HA board MountCor is not, it is the ONLY 130°F temperature heat activated board available. Previously “low temperature” boards were those that activated and mounted between 150-160°F which are now considered medium temperature and common average mounting temperature. From decades of experience the industry has learned that even at 150°F at 15 seconds, which is a safe mounting temperature for some heat sensitive digitals, when the dwell time increases to 1 minute or more that same digital is surface damaged. Using MountCor 130°F HA board takes the worry away even when you cannot identify the type of digital that needs to be mounted.

It may not be the only dry mount product you ever need, but it surely should become your dominant one and most used one.”

Chris A Paschke, CPF GCF

Framing Industry Mounting Expert, Educator