Jeffrey Stover

We have done business with the Gilman Brothers Company for over 10 years. We were a start-up company when we began our relationship and Gilman has been instrumental in our growth. Early on, Gilman was very flexible and would supply us short production runs and specialty products. This let us develop significant opportunities to where our activity with Gilman is now increased significantly. No other company listened and supported us to the level Gilman did and continues to do with new projects.

From a product perspective, Gilman engineers products which exceed our needs and their quality is excellent. They also have more post production fabrication capabilities than the other board manufacturers. This lets them tailor their products to meet the needs of the market.

Our relationship with Gilman is strong in several areas. From senior management, to technical development, logistics and customer service, we enjoy frequent and substantive contact. Being able to have quick answers is critical. Gilman provides us the information and support to service our customers better. And with special customer requirements, Gilman is able to help us satisfy those and gain that business.

We have never termed our relationship as a partnership, but the way Gilman does business builds that feeling in our organization. Our relationship is important to us and we feel fortunate that Gilman is a major supplier of ours. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jeffrey Stover

Owner Artgrafix