INFINITY® Styrene-Faced Foamboard

INFINITY® is a 100% styrene, bendable board which can be printed, shipped flat, then cold bent to set up into a 3D presentation.


  • 3D POP Displays
  • Tradeshow Booths, Exhibits & Kiosks
  • Digital & Screen Printing
  • Digital & Knife Cutting
  • Signage

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MountCor® 130°F Permanent HA Foamboard

MountCor®‘s adhesive forms a strong, permanent bond in the press as it reaches its low 130°F bonding temperature making it safe to mount:

  • All digital printing
  • Toner copiers, laser, plotters
  • Water borne, solvent, UV and latex inkjet
  • Resin coated and digital photo papers
  • Posters and prints
  • Synthetic papers and substrates
  • Polyester encapsulated charts and maps

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Sample Kit Order Form

Closing the Deal – Sales Tools

Sample Kits are available to fit your needs for all of Gilman Brothers products. Sampler kits available include: Full Line Specifier Kit; ColorOne Kit; ColorOne Fabrication Kit; INFINITY® Fabrication Kit; INFINITY® Easel Kit; INFINITY® Bull Nose Kit; InSite® Reveal® Color Kit; Framer’s Kit; and Fabrication Kit. INFINITY® Printed Easels and smaller 8-1/2″x 11″ INFINITY® printed hand samples are available as well.

Specifier Kit – descriptions

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INFINITY® 3D Easel Assembly

The 1-2-3 assembly of an INFINITY® stand-up easel is fast, easy and logical. Once printed it ships flat to retailers, ad agencies, and end users then may be cold bent into a 3D display. Flexible, recyclable, 100% styrene, paper faced, high end foamboard for screen or digital printing using solvent or UV inks, INFINITY® is manufactured 100% in the USA using 100% USA materials.

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INFINITY® – product page

INFINITY® Surface Texture Test

INFINITY® styrene core, paper faced foamboard has superior surface texture resulting from modifiers in the styrene as well as a foam that is 2.5x the density of all other competitive foamboards. It is also part of the exclusive Gilman Brothers ColorOne™ White Point Management System.

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InSite® Foam Density Comparison

The InSite® core has superior foam density, 2.5x the density when compared to the competition, which is easily illustrated by shining a light source through the foam in this video. The demonstration also shows the rigidity and structure of Gilman Brothers Reveal foam.

InSite® Reveal® Cutting Advantages

InSite® paper faced foamboard cuts clean and crisp every time even when using a basic utility knife. The 2.5x foam density and quality surface paper allows for clean and straightedge cuts a variety of cutting tools and equipment.

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